COMING SOON… The Art & Science of Effective Delegation

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About Course

Delegation is a way of accomplishing work through other people.  It is a necessary and critical skill that directly impacts the bottom line and your professional future.

Effective delegation is more than just casually handing off a task. It is both an art (the art of influence) and a science (understanding what motivates people). The successful delegator intentionally matches the right task to the right person, and clearly communicates what needs to be done.

Delegation helps others develop the skills they need to reach their potential and it frees up the your time so you can focus on the activities that add the most value to the organization.

Most leaders want to delegate, they just don’t know how to do it effectively. In this course, you will learn a fail-proof system for delegating effectively that results in win/win opportunities for both the leader and the team member.

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Course Content

Take this quick self-evaluation to honestly assess your starting point. Questions that you answer as 'Never' or 'Sometimes' may signal an area for improvement.

  • Delegation Self-evaluation

The 4 W’s of Delegation
Review the benefits of delegating, times when you should delegate, what you can delegate, and what you should not delegate.

9 Reasons Leaders Don’t Delegate
Find out the most common reasons why leaders don't delegate and what you should do instead.

Select the Right Person
Download the Select | Direct | Connect worksheet and the Employee Capabilities worksheet. In this section you'll learn to how to choose the best person for the task.

Communicate Clear Direction
In this lesson, you will identify the person's interest level, skill level, and your expectations for successful completion. Print the Employee Capabilities worksheet.

Connect the Dots
The final step in the process is to close the loop and show appreciation so they will want to do it again. Have the Select | Direct | Connect worksheet handy.